4 Spiritual Benefits of Bible Reading

As a Christian, you have probably heard over and over, “Read Your Bible.” But have you ever asked yourself why you should read? Consider what the Bible has meant to believers over times. Why believer in some countries rejoice in tears as they receive their first Bible?

We know the Bible teaches us more about God, but as we go deeper, we gain direction and insight for our lives. Therefore, there must be something more than that we usually pay attention to. If you haven’t experienced the Bible as vital nourishment to your soul, here are 4 Spiritual Benefits of Bible reading that you are missing;

1. Spiritual Growth.

There is satisfaction and nourishment for your soul in God’s words. It provides guidance against destructive and sinful behavior. Reading the word of God fuels your spiritual growth. 1 Peter 2:2-3; The same way young born are crazing for their mother’s milk, so should a man seek for God’s word, for in the word there is the power that can heal and perform miracles in our lives. Your faith becomes stronger as you keep in touch with the scripture. As you submit yourself to scriptures, your spirit discloses the splendor of Christ thus spiritual nourishment.

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2. Overcoming Temptations.

In the wilderness, Jesus used God’s words to outdo Satan’s temptations. Scripture protects you from sin by harming you with truth and strengthening your longing to please and obey God. Psalms 37:31; for those who love God, the law is written in their hearts and they do not slip easily. By reading the Bible warns us when we tend to deviate from the holy path. It helps you to escape the guilt of sin which would bring us down to the wrath of God. The Bible does not only point out the right path but also sounds warnings when we go wrong.

3. Experiences Freedom.

The scripture shifts our minds from the conventional sense of freedom and enlightens you with the truth. The truthfulness sets a man free. Going beyond the clutches of wrongful deeds, your life a life of honesty and truth. You learn to be content with what you have. In Philippians 4:11; I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Being contented is the beginning of joy I a believer’s life. The truth makes us happy and gives us salvation. John 8:32; then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

4. Gives Hope to Believers.

Scripture teaches you that happiness lies in the acceptance of the failure and tolerating the bad for the good in the future. Romans 15:4; for everything that was written in the scripture is recorded in order to remind us that through perseverance, and endurance, we might get courage and hope as the leaders of the past. Time comes when you need to read the word of God not to fulfill your dreams but to swallow your lost dreams. We don’t know the path to deepest joy but the scripture can take us there.